Die seltsame Geschichte von Yournextboyfriend

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The mysterious story of Yournextboyfriend

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Chapter 1

In August 2008 something strange happened: two gitarrists, known as Felix Weiss and Fred Beck (both ex-Sound Suckers) were fed up with discussing about musical styles and chasing unreachable dreams. For this reason, they decided to take up the dangerous mission of forming a new band.

But as usual, everything is easier said than done. Good musicians and humans of a friendly genre with a hunger for good melodic-skate-punk were and still are rare and maybe even desired. And still, a competent and friendly bassist was found in an age-old friend, known as Stefan Jeroma aka. Stefanie Römer, who on top of all that seemed to have a certain hunger for hand-crafted melodic-skate-punk, even though he originated from a totally different genre. But, let it be said, Stefan was (and is) competent.

At this point of the story, troubles seemed to come up. But a solution seemed to be in sight.