Die seltsame Geschichte von Yournextboyfriend

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The mysterious story of Yournextboyfriend

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Chapter 2

The solution aka The Holy Grail as the band calls him, appeared in form of a small man named Paul Moser. We don't want too much to be said about Paul's background. To be exact only one word: Stadtmusik.

To make a long story short: Yournextboyfriend was born.

But it would still take a few months before they could show the world their desire to subdue the world to their irresistable music. First of all, a practice-room was needed. Finally they found home in "Altes Wasserwerk" ("Old Waterworks") in Lörrach and moved in on the 1. of november, generally known as the Yournextboyfriend-Holiday

Now it's usually time for me to say:
"The rest is, as you know, history."

But that's why I'm writing all this stuff. That's why the time hasn't come. We shall continue.

Now then, on this fateful day, something else strange happened: as the four boys checked into the old waterworks with more or less shit equiptment, with thoughts to the future, Felix came round with an awesome melody and Fred brought the text. "Searching for an answer" was the first title and with it was born, the basic musical structure, on which Yournextboyfriend should orientate themselves for the next while.

Possibly longer than they should like.