Die seltsame Geschichte von Yournextboyfriend

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The mysterious story of Yournextboyfriend

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"Yournextboyfriend... - think about it!", that was clear even before the band-members became good friends, before they were allowed to drink alcohol and before the death of Michael Jackson.
All that now lies a few days back, but the motto still stands.
Yournextboyfriend is a skate-melodic-alternative-punk-rock-band from the most southwestern south-west of Germany, who get the stage and the audience to rock, who bring out the best of tunes and will have you chanting and singing along, latest by their last song on the setlist!
In short: that typical "BÄMBÄM(*)!" that you start feeling, when you're so inspired by a band to join in and move to the beat... simply BÄMBÄM.
The guys only got together late 2008 but can already boast with over 20 concerts, 25 own tracks and work on their very first album, all in due course of 2009.
(*)equal to "BÖBÄM", "BABÄMM", "BÄBÄM" and "BÖÄBÄMM"

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